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 Thursday Night Axe Throwing League
Starting 11/2/2023

Ready to start the competition?

  • Thursdays at 7pm 

  • 7 weeks of matches 

  • 8th week a tournament will be held

  •  League cost is $20 per player per week

  •  Players can pre-register for week one prior to 11/2

  • The winning player will receive a trophy, gift card and bragging rights.

How does it work?

Players will play 4 games each week.

Points will be awarded as follows:

10 points to the winner of each game

10 points to the player with the highest total score each week; 5 points to 2nd place each week and 3 points to 3rd place each week.


Players will be seeded for tournament on the 8th week based on total points. 

If a player misses a week,they can choose to just skip and forfeit any points or they can pay an additional $20 and make up play for the missed week.

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How do I Register?

  • On the booking page, select available slot

  • Pay registration fee

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