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Axe throwing Leauge Gameplay and Rules

Lumber Axe.jpg

Gameplay and Rules

  • Each player will get 10 throws per game and will play 4 games

  • 5 shots on one target, then players switch and throw 5 on other target

  • Player may choose to go for a kill shot on their final shot of 10

  • Player must call kill shot for it to count

  • Record each throw and add total

  • Player with the highest score wins

  • In event of a tie, go to sudden death rules

    • Both players throw 3 times on one target, switch and throw 3 times on other target

    • Highest score wins the game 

    • Continue this until a tiebreak occurs

    • Begin next game


  • Players must use axes supplied by Lumber Axe

  • Players must throw overhand but can choose one or two handed

  • If toes cross over the throw line before axe is released that shot will not be scored, but will count as a throw

  • Axe must stick long enough to be retrieved in order to score

  • If axe falls before it’s retrieved that shot will not be scored



Axe Scoring.jpg
  • If axe is in between 2 numbers, the higher point value is always scored

  • All numbered rings are scored as marked (1-4 points)

  • Black ring around bullseye is worth 5 points

  • Red bullseye is worth 6 points

  • Blue kill shots are worth 8 points but must be called and can only be thrown for on a player’s final shot of a game

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